Our aggregates are destined for roads works, hydraulic works, railway works and concrete production.

In our offer we have got aggregates (also rinsing) from below rocks:

  • amphibolite
  • basalt
  • granite
  • granodiorite
  • melaphyre
  • greywacke
  • chalkstone

Each of offers aggregates have got appropriate regulations and attests. Aggregates are delivered to the address indicated by the customer due to our own road transport or on the basic of discount given for railway transport by the PKP. If the client requires we send goods in specialist carriages and also can unload them in any place in Poland. Each general delivery is monitored by our sales representatives and due to this fact we are able to give the precise information at any time you like, concerning the exact delivery date to the destined place.

Thanks to the professional service, huge company’s potential and experience like also technical consulting we implement high quality delivery of aggregates in every kind of investments connecting with the infrastructure building (motorways, fast roads, community investments, hydraulic engineering building etc.). We also offer suitable forms of payment and financing executed by our strategic clients.

In order to improve our efficiency we dispose transshipment square in the west Poland.

We can deliver chosen fraction like 5/8 and 8/11 mm.

Available Aggregate: 2/5; 5/8; 8/11; 11/16; 16/22; 16/25; 2/8; 8/16; 2/6,3; 6,3/12,8
Grail: 0/2; 0/4; 0/5; 0/8
Mineral Mixture:
0/31,5 and 0/63
Break Stone: 31,5/50 and 31,5/63
Arch stones / blocks: 4/31,5; 5/31,5; 8/31,5
Ashlar stone: 63/150; 100/300; 150/450

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