Drilling and blasting services

Since 1999 we provide services in scope of design and perform full drilling and blasting services
along with wrecking overall dimensions. We dispose with four drilling machines ATLAS COPCO. These are possessed
drilling machines by us:

  • ROC F7 with upper hammer,
  • ROC F6 with lower hammer,
  • ROC F9C with upper hammer,
  • ROC D9C with upper hammer.

We are the one company in Poland which have drilling equipment in every technologies. Thanks that
we have a possibility to adopt to the all conditions.

For works connecting with liquidation negative results of the blasting works we use tractors type
crawler with hydraulic hammers:

  • CASE 1288 NLC – with Hydraulic Hammer Montabert V2500,
  • CASE CX 24O NLC – with Hydraulic Hammer Atlas Copco CP 2250,
  • CASE CX 240B NLC – with Hydraulic Hammer Atlas Copco CP 2250.

Thanks to our own specialistic transport for transit drilling machines and diggers we are very flexible
and available in every situations.

We use modern and safe products. All used by us explosive materials are adequately certified.

Recently our company has aquired ability to carry out drilling and blasting services on the civil areas,
in scope of macro and mikro alignment, cutting metal and tearing down.

Great experience of our workers guarantee high quality services. We also take full responsibility for
the quality of these services starting from the project through the laser measurements of the area
according to the law regulations. We have a blanket insurance policy (OC).

To get more information about all services and charges, please contact:

  • Lech Rajca – Management member – phone: +48 602-528-980,
    email: lech@pkm.com.pl,

Guaranty of the professional services ! – We welcome your cooperation.