Road Salt

In collaboration with KGHM S.A. and Salt Mine in Kłodawa we offer high quality salt DS and DR type with special anti – agglomerate for winter roads preservation.

We also deliver salt to buyer’s address and guarantee timeliness and dependability delivery even during increasing requirement.

We also took into consideration market requirements and realised 25 kilo package in order to live up to our client’s requirements who keep up company squares, internal roads and other kinds of surfaces.

If you have more questions, please contact we our sales representatives:

  • Jacek Harasimowicz – Sales Manager – tel. + 48 602-528-985,
  • Roman Jałoszyński – Sales Office Manager – tel. + 48 606-809-716,
  • Paweł Kempa – Sales Manager – tel. + 48 660-737-530,

We welcome your cooperation.