Welcome on Polskie Kruszywa Mineralne Sp. z o.o. website

In 1995 we started to run our business. We are trading company which provides services in the line of surface mining business. We provide full-complex drilling and blasting as well as transporting and carring services. Trading activity builds mainly on sale high quality mineral aggregates and distribution of salt for winter roads preservation ( loose and package ). Our offer is direct for companies like also for the individual clients.

About us:

  • 1995 year – MJM Company – The Advisory and Investment Group was created,
  • 1998 year – transformation from MJM Company The Advisory and Investment Group to Company of law merchant Polskie Kruszywa Mineralne Sp. z o.o.,
  • 1999 year – purchase the first drilling machine and starting to work in a sector of rocky mining industry,
  • 2000 year – agreement with PKN Orlen S.A. for a distribution of asphalt – the purchase of Lubień basalt deposit,
  • 2001 year – start-up of explatation in quarry of Lubień basalt,
  • 2002 year – sale of 49% participation in quarry of Lubień Basalt to the LAFARGE KRUSZYWA Company,
  • 2003 year – agreement with KGHM S.A. for a distribution of salt for winter roads preservation,
  • 2004 year – Creation logistical section – specialistic transport of aggregates and heavy equipment  – sale the rest of participation in quarry of Lubień basalt to the LAFARGE KRUSZYWA Company – start-up and sale natural aggregate quarry GOŁACZÓW,
  • 2007 year – agreement with DSS ( Dolnośląskie Surowce Skalne Sp. z o. o. ) for a service of favor mining ( the biggest mine/quarry in respect mine of broken aggregates in Poland ),
  • 2005 – 2010 years – dynamic development of zone of the mining services,
  • 2010 year – start up risk-diverse activity in developer business.

The most important thing for the company is live up mining industries expectations which deal with mining minerals and transport mineral aggregates according to the standards and client’s requirements within Poland.

We welcome your cooperation.